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The International Australian Academy (IAA) is a premier institution in the provision of educational services to international students. IAA believe that these services extend beyond the fostering of a stimulating and inclusive learning environment in the classroom to ensure that students are also physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for employment or progression to university by providing ongoing counselling, tutoring, and individual mentoring. 

IAA's holistic approach to education is what sets them apart from other providers. IAA is proud of the achievements students have made both academically and career-wise. Many of thestudents have returned to their country of origin with newly aquired skills and expertise which they have put to good use. They have overcome many challenges and have successfully acquired lucrative careers in their relevant fields. These successes reflect the success of IAA as an educational provider.

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If you successfully complete our courses you may be eligible to gain credit transfer to University degrees in Australia.*

* Subject to satisfying the entry requirements of other institutions and universities 

All courses at the International Australian Academy (IAA) are designed in consultation with employers, industry groups and partners.  This ensures that participants will be up-to-date with industry practices and trends and that the skills and knowledge included are current.

Participants are provided with a timetable at the commencement of the course which details assessment submission deadline.  As the course is competency-based, assessments are provided throughout the course and participants must achieve competency in each assessment.  If competency cannot be achieved, further training may be required.

Additional English language support is offered to international students focusing on specific areas of need.  For more intensive support, students can undertake a General English course to help develop their English language skills.

IAA Student Stories