Where to buy food

Discover the best places to buy food in Adelaide. Find everything you need for your culinary adventures, whether you're after daily essentials or unique ingredients from around the world.

Eating out in Adelaide

Adelaide’s dining scene is diverse, offering everything from budget-friendly eats to fine dining experiences.

CBD and Rundle Mall

The CBD and Rundle Mall are the bustling heart of Adelaide, offering a vibrant mix of retail stores, cafes, and eateries. It's an excellent spot for a shopping spree followed by a quick bite. Popular coffee spots include Rundle Place's Dawn Patrol and Cibo Espresso, or for a decadent hot chocolate try Koko Black. For bubble tea enthusiasts, you can’t go past Chatime or Gong cha for a variety of delicious flavors and add-ons.

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North Adelaide

Just outside the CBD, North Adelaide boasts a vibrant dining scene. For Mediterranean cuisine, visit AMMŌS for authentic Greek dishes, Byblos serving Lebanese classics or Tony Tomatoes for wood-fired pizzas. Asian flavors shine at Gin Long Canteen with modern Southeast Asian fare, Sato for traditional Japanese or Ceylonspot serving authentic Sri Lankan dishes. Lucky Lupitas offers a taste of Latin America with its Mexican-inspired menu. Indii serves rich Indian curries and tandoori dishes, while Marrakech delights with Moroccan specialties like tangine and bestella.

Rundle Street & Ebenezer Place

Located in the city’s East End, Rundle Street and Ebenezer Place together offer a diverse and vibrant dining experience. Rundle Street is a bustling hub with a lively mix of cafes, restaurants, and pubs, perfect for any time of day. It features a variety of cuisines, including Italian at Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante, Thai at Lemongrass Thai Bistro, modern Australian at The Austral, Indian at Daughter in Law, and Southeast Asian at Paper Tiger. In contrast, the charming Ebenezer Place provides a more relaxed atmosphere with boutique cafes and artisan eateries, ideal for brunch or a casual dinner. Highlights include the French-inspired Hey Jupiter Brasserie and Exchange Specialty Coffee, known for its exceptional coffee and light meals. Together, these streets make the East End a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts, offering something for everyone.

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Leigh Street and Peel Street

Leigh Street and Peel Street are celebrated for their vibrant atmosphere and outstanding food offerings. These bustling laneways in Adelaide’s West End feature trendy bars, bistros, and eateries.

Leigh Street boasts spots like May Q Korean Restaurant, Pink Moon Saloon, and Shobosho, each offering quality international dining experiences. Neighbouring Peel Street is known for Maybe Mae’s hidden cocktail bar, Bread & Bone’s gourmet burgers, and Clever Littler Tailor’s cosy drinks. Whether you’re after a casual meal or a lively night out, these streets offer a great mix of culinary delights and vibrant nightlife.

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Gouger Street and Chinatown

Gouger Street is the heart of Adelaide’s Chinatown and is famous for its Asian restaurants and vibrant food scene. Whether you’re craving dumplings, sushi, or Phó, Gouger Street has it all. Highlights include Gyoza Gyoza, known for its authentic dumplings, and Phở Nguyễn offering authentic Vietnamese Phở. One of the trendiest Korean restaurants around, Plus 82 Gogi serves up delicious Korean BBQ, or check out Star House Chinese Restaurant for its bustling atmosphere and authentic Cantonese cuisine, a go-to for Adelaide’s Chinese community. Chinatown is also home to a number of affordable eateries and Asian grocery stores, suitable for any budget.

Hutt Street

Hutt Street offers a range of dining options from cafes to upscale restaurants. It’s a quieter street compared to others but offers some of the best food experiences in Adelaide. Notable spots include Chianti, a renowned Italian restaurant perfect for a special night out, and Ballaboosta, known for its Mediterranean-inspired dishes and relaxed vibe. Hutt Street also features cosy cafes like Coffylosophy and Queen of Tarts, ideal for a casual coffee or brunch. 

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Dining out on a budget

Discover a variety of affordable options, including international cuisines, fast food, and local favorites, perfect for satisfying your cravings without breaking the bank.

More to know about food in Adelaide

Yes, Adelaide is very vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Many restaurants and cafes offer vegetarian and vegan menus. Some of the most popular vegan and vegetarian-centric eateries in the city include Argo Espresso, Two-Bit Villains, Staazi & Co and Veggie Vie cafe.

Halal food is widely available in Adelaide. Many supermarkets, butchers, and restaurants offer halal options. Areas like Gouger Street and the Adelaide Central Market have several halal food outlets.

The cost of eating out in Adelaide varies. There are many affordable options, especially in food courts and takeaway shops. Mid-range restaurants might cost around $20 - $30 AUD per meal.

Absolutely. The Adelaide Central Market or Gouger Street both offerand numerous specialty grocery stores offer a wide range of international ingredients, including Asian, Middle Eastern, and European foods.