Rakshi: Perseverance helped me get a job after graduation

Rakshi Rajkumar comes from Bangalore, India, where she completed a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management. 

With the support of her family, she decided to relocate to Australia to achieve her dreams of studying a master’s degree.

International student Rakshi from India
Last Updated Wednesday 13th March, 2024

She chose to move to Adelaide for her master’s, as the cost of living is lower than other states, the education standard is high, and for its reputation as the ‘festival state’ – enabling her to experience Australian culture.

“I always wanted to study in Australia, as they have the best educational sectors,” says Rakshi. “I wanted to be part of a leading Australian university, The University of Adelaide being one of them.” 

Rakshi says that the decision to move to Adelaide to study is one of the best decisions she’s made to date.

Settling into Australia

The move to Australia was the first time Rakshi had travelled outside of India, so starting a new life here by herself was naturally a big deal. Although she was nervous in the beginning, she quickly settled into life in her adopted home. “There was no time I felt I was in a new country. Everyone around me was so supportive and understanding,” says Rakshi. 

Attending information sessions at The University of Adelaide helped with the initial adjustment. She particularly appreciated the services dedicated to assisting international students settle in.

Life’s a beach!

When asked about her favourite part of living in Adelaide, Rakshi made sure to mention the beaches. “Adelaide is filled with so many beaches, mountains and national parks. It’s a great place for nature lovers,” she says. 

Rakshi loves that Adelaide has a fantastic mix of city life and natural beauty, and that the cost of living is very affordable. “The best part is that it’s not expensive – and as a student, you also get so many concessions,” she says. 

Rakshi loves Adelaide so much that she can see herself making long-term plans and settling here, she told us.

Studying at a top university in Australia

The University of Adelaide has provided Rakshi with more than just a master’s degree. Thanks to what she learned during her studies, she landed herself a good job two weeks before graduation. “The University of Adelaide has not only helped me in my professional life; it has also helped me in my personal life and developed me into who I am today,” says Rakshi. 

During her initial bachelor’s degree, Rakshi enjoyed management subjects the most, and decided to make project management her area of speciality.

“While there might be 100 other components involved in a job, the basis of project management is what makes the idea work, and that is why I choose to take project management as my specification,” she says.

Six internships in Adelaide

All of the international student communities in Adelaide advised Rakshi to get an internship. Getting hands-on experience during an internship helps you secure a job in the long run, and this was precisely the case for Rakshi. Although she was denied the first few internships she applied for, she remained determined. “I finally got my first opportunity, and after this, no one could stop me,” she says proudly. 

Following this, she had many more opportunities come her way. Rakshi now has experience from six fantastic internships.

Rakshi’s advice to other students who want to secure an internship is to visit your university career website, and to apply for as many relevant internships as you can. She also recommends seeking help from the university to build your resume and cover letter. “Make sure to volunteer, network and express what you are most interested in,” she says. 

Rakshi believes that all experiences, no matter how big or small, add value. All the internships she completed throughout her studies helped her achieve her land a role with Hickinbotham Group.

Advice for other students

Rakshi’s advice for other international students is to never give up and to keep trying. She is proof that with determination, getting a job in Adelaide after graduation is possible. “Use your references and show your potential, and I am sure there will be many companies interested in your capabilities,” she says.

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