Abbey College Australia

Through 19 years of success, with tens of thousands of students from all over the world, Abbey College Australia prides ourselves as one of the leading vocational education and training providers in Sydney. 

We offer work-ready training and qualifications that supply solutions to individuals and organisations to adapt and thrive in a fast-paced world. The objective to help our students to reach their career goals is achieved by providing them with solid fundamental skills and outcome-orientated training purposefully designed by academics and industry experts - with a special focus on employment outcome. 

We always want to ensure our graduates can become successful professionals equipped with knowledge, skills and qualities the industries are looking for. 

Since 2017, Abbey College Australia has invested significant resources in our Sydney and Adelaide campus by renovating both facilities. Sydney campus located three minutes' walk from Central Station and Adelaide Campus is in the heart of its charming CBD. We also operate dedicated staff development programs to ensure outstanding teaching methods and first-class student service. 

Our core values are what makes us unique and appealing to students, partners and employees since 2005

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Contact Number
+61 450 172 566


CRICOS Provider Number

Studying in a college that supports you every step of the way is as important as having a nice and well-located campus, highly skilled trainers,

outstanding customer service and a range of courses to help you to achieve your education goals.

  • A college with 18 years of experience
  • A wide range of courses in Information Technology, Telecommunications
  • Engineering, Network engineering, Business, Marketing & Communication, Project Management and Translating
  • Prime location (Opposite Perrie tram station and 5 minutes’ walk to Rundle mall)
  • Progressive training opportunities, from language schools straight to our Vocational courses
  • Flexible timetables. Classes available from Monday to Friday
  • Online and Face -to-face training
  • Intake calendar all year-round
  • Catch-up / Supporting classes for study & work Balance
  • Social and academic events for students

Abbey College