The University of Adelaide College

Since opening in 2002, the University of Adelaide College has been a stepping stone for hundreds of international students wanting to study at the prestigious University of Adelaide. Students at the College are part of the University of Adelaide population; they often study on campus, sharing university resources and facilities.

The University of Adelaide College is an ideal choice for students seeking an alternative entry pathway to bachelor degrees at the University of Adelaide. The College provides an engaging, caring and academically stimulating environment that will prepare students for a successful transition to the University of Adelaide.

Programs at The University of Adelaide College include:

  • Foundation Studies Program: Offering a pathway to gain entrance to virtually all Bachelor’s Programs at the University of Adelaide
  • Degree Transfer Program: A pathway to second year of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Science, Business, Economics, Finance,  or Health and Medical Sciences
  • Pre-Master’s Program: The first postgraduate bridging program to a Group of Eight university in Australia. Students who successfully complete this program will graduate into the second semester of a range of master’s program in Arts, Business and Health Sciences
  • English language preparation: Develop English skills in preparation for entry into Foundation Studies or Degree Transfer programs.
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Contact Number
+61 8 8313 3430


CRICOS Provider Number
00123M and 03127E