Diana: Studying in Adelaide has opened doors to opportunities

Diana came to Adelaide to study a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from The University of Adelaide, with her final year research project on a treatment for agricultural waste.

International student Diana from Malaysia studied at the University of Adelaide
Last Updated Wednesday 14th February, 2024

Diana says studying in a different cultural setting has opened many doors for her.

She chose to study in Adelaide because of the high calibre of research opportunities.

"I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to study this area of research in Malaysia, so during my time in Adelaide, I have found that learning in a different cultural setting allowed me to experience a different mindset."

In addition to participating in a traditional Malaysian dance group at OzAsia Festival, Diana volunteered to be on the Malaysian Council of Students Australia.

"This helped me to better adapt to life in Adelaide; allowing me to mingle, meet new people and become part of a community,” she said. “ It also allowed me to help new students better adapt to life in Adelaide."

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