Work experience opportunities in Adelaide

While you study in Adelaide, you have various opportunities to improve your employability, as well as earn money and build your personal and professional network.


Internships are a great way to gain valuable industry experience and experience first-hand what a career in your chosen field is all about.

Ask your lecturers or course coordinators if they know about any work experience or internship opportunities. The careers service staff at your university or education institution are also a great resource.

You can also search for internships on these job search sites:

Course placements

Many tertiary courses in Adelaide include student placements as a required part of the course, providing an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on work experience.

These placements offer a chance to apply your course-gained knowledge in real-world settings, fostering practical skills and industry insights.

Whether it's a placement in healthcare, engineering, finance or another field, you will benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities and the chance to make meaningful contributions to your chosen profession.

Course placements enhance academic learning and pave the way for your future career success.

If your course includes this type of work as part of its curriculum, these hours won't count towards the fortnightly 48-hour working hours policy as part of your student visa.

Part-time and casual employment

Working while you study is a great way to gain work experience, whether in your field of choice or a separate industry where you can gain transferable skills.

Adelaide offers a huge range of part-time and casual opportunities where you can apply your theory to the real world while balancing your study commitments.

StudyAdelaide's Job Shop lists hundreds of part-time and casual jobs for international students studying in Adelaide.

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Industry partnerships

Adelaide tertiary institutions collaborate with companies both locally in South Australia and worldwide to generate positions and work experience opportunities for students.

An industry partnership is an ideal platform to gain practical skills and expand your professional network.

Embrace these opportunities to gain invaluable real-world experience while forging meaningful connections in your field.


In Australia, gaining work experience through volunteering is highly respected and can greatly boost your chances of finding employment in your preferred field.

By getting involved in volunteer opportunities, you'll not only build important connections but also develop a wide range of skills crucial for your career growth.

Learn more about volunteering.

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